120m³/h Ultra-high Pressure Stationary Pump

Sany HBT12020C-5M stationary pump has maximum output of 120 cubic metres per hour, equipped with self-diagnosis technology monitoring the pump status at any time as well as diagnosing more than 50 faults in real time. The 120 cubic metre pump is capable of reducing the troubles shooting time by 70%, granting you both time and peace of mind.


Low Costs and Wide Adaptability

Advanced Energy-saving Tech
New-generation energy-saving technology and automatic adjustments of the engine and power based on load makes every drop of fuel produce strong power, reducing 25% of energy consumption.

Wear Resisting Parts
Discharge port, wear plate and cutting ring, concrete piston and delivery cylinder adopt Sino-Germany high-tech materials and advanced technology to greatly improve the product performance.

Wide Adaptability
Capable of operating under any condition from -22°C to 55°C, operating continuously for up to 12 hours, can handle any fluid, pumping of difficult concrete like B90, C150, and 3-gradation concrete and even pump materials such as silt, slag, waste materials, and mortar.


Advanced Hydraulic System

Pressure Difference Sensing & Reversing Hydraulic System
With pressure difference sensing and reversing technology, in addition to electro-hydraulic proportional buffering technology, the pump is able to filter impurities self-cyclically with an open-type system, keeping the hydraulic oil clean and cooled. This helps maximise system efficiency, mitigate abrasion between parts, thereby prolonging the pump's service life and reducing maintenance costs.

Automatically Retracted Double-piston
Only one button is needed to retract two concrete pistons into the water tank. This cuts the time for replacement and maintenance in half, making daily maintenance more convenient.

Large-flow High-efficiency Main Valve System
The system adopts high-pressure, large-flow, and electro-hydraulic precision control main valve, as well as an integrated valve bank with an optimised runner design. The system is able to sport a short reversing time, low pressure loss, cooler temperatures, and high reliability for the user.


Intelligent Control

Back-up System
When the peripheral test loop incurs faults during the construction process, “Compulsory” pump operation can be activated for emergency handling.

Improved Performance
Uses a dedicated pumping motion controller that integrates a classic pumping algorithm and function libraries, resulting in an increased arithmetic speed and overall improved performance.


Efficient Pump System

A Faster, More Efficient Design
Pressure difference sensing and reversing technology, as well as main oil pump electric proportional control buffering technology to decrease reversing time. As such, SANY pumps are able to optimise the main oil cylinder and swing cylinder buffering & reversing time matching, resulting in extremely high-efficiency pumping.

Powerful Mixing Motor Handles Everything
Forced feeding by large-displacement and large-torque steel ball motor. The motor mixes normally when there is an aggregate difference and the hopper is heightened, preventing the mixing motor from getting stuck and improving aggregate absorption performance.

Large-bore Reversing Cylinder
SANY's pumping system uses a large-bore reversing cylinder to make reversing powerful and completely avoid pipe blocking.

Improved Hopper, Improved Effectiveness
The new hopper optimises the hopper's inner cavity to improve the aggregate absorbing efficiency, guard against aggregate inapplicability, and easily handle high-difficulty concrete.

Engine model SINOTRUK (Licensed by MAN)
Max.delivery pressure(theoretical) Low/High pressure 11/21 Mpa
Max.concrete output(theoretical) Low/High pressure 120/75 m³/h
Engine rated power 297 kW
Delivery cylinder Bore*Strok Φ200× 2100 mm
Hopper capacity*Feeding height 0.7× 1420 m³/mm
Dimension (L*W*H) 7380×2125×2950 mm
Gross weight 9310 kg
Max.aggregate size Φ150mm delivery pipe 50 mm
Max.aggregate size Φ125mm delivery pipe 40 mm
Type S valve
Slump of concrete 100-230 mm